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Wildlife Control in Brentwood

Unwanted wildlife can pose a risk to the structural integrity of your home or office as well as a threat to the health of those living and working inside the building.

When you suspect or identify an unwelcome guest on your property, call the company in Brentwood that will get rid of them effectively and humanely. Call Robert Sleigh's Animal Issues for reliable wildlife control. We offer free quotes on all our services.

Full-Service Wildlife Control Services

Over the years, our company has successfully eradicated many different animals and rodents, such as:


  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Skunks
  • Squirrels
  • Racoons
  • Bats
  • Birds
  • and more

When you run into any of these vermin, contact us immediately. We have the equipment and knowledge necessary for a safe, environmentally-friendly, and fast removal of any of the above animals.

Free Estimates on Wildlife Removal Services

Our team is committed to providing the best wildlife control services in Brentwood. That’s why we offer our clients free estimates for our extensive wildlife removal and control services.

When you book an appointment with us, we’ll arrive promptly on-site. We’ll thoroughly inspect your property to determine the access points of the pests. We’ll assess the scale of the problem and select an appropriate plan of action to counter it. We’re committed to working safely and efficiently, to minimize disruptions to your daily life.

The Experts in Humane Wildlife Control

Our staff is experienced and trained in humane wildlife control. We understand the different lifestyles of urban wildlife and the typical ways they encroach upon residential and commercial buildings. We’re skilled in choosing the most effective animal removal method—whether it be exclusion, baiting, or trapping—to rid your property of the animal for good. We can also help you with installing preventative methods to avoid vermin problems in the future.

Emergency Wildlife Removal

Certain institutions and businesses require immediate wildlife removal to maintain safety and industry standards and keep their doors open. When you need emergency wildlife removal, call us at (615) 788-4232. Our emergency response technicians are available round-the-clock to triumph over even the toughest cases.

Fully Licensed and Insured Wildlife Control Company

Our company is fully licensed and insured. We don’t take any chances when it comes to the security of your property. We employ strategies that adhere to all industry regulations, using state-the-art equipment to eliminate your pest problem once and for all. Whether your school, home, restaurant, or office is crawling with unwanted wildlife, our team of professionals has the time-proven solution to get rid of them.

Solve Your Rodent Control Problem

Homeowners and business owners alike turn to us when they run into unwelcome guests in and on their property. Our technicians are dedicated to delivering fast and efficient results that are humane and environmentally-friendly. Safeguard your home or business against unwanted wildlife now and in the future with Robert Sleigh's Animal Issues .

Contact our friendly staff today to schedule a consultation and receive a free quote. Call (615) 788-4232.